Monday, March 4, 2019

Week 6: Post Reach, Post Engagement, and Insights

Post Reach, Post Engagement, and Insights

Post Reach

Post reach refers to the number of unique individuals who visited your web page, or saw one of your posts online.

Post Engagement

Post engagement is where someone performs an action on your webpage, by either 'liking' your page or commenting on one of your posts.


Insights gives you an overview to the posts left on your site.  this would come in handy in evaluating what's working and more improtantly, when it's working.

My website is currently up, but had very little in the way of views.  I am working to get my views up.  I did not try to add any apps to my page, as it's a fictitious business.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Week 5: Welcome to OsideEats!

Welcome to OsideEats!

It is my hope to post fantastic food and drink locations from around the downtown Oceanside area.  We moved to the beach area about two years ago, and are able to walk to many amazing places.

My target market will be 21 years and older males and females who are interested in going out and enjoying a great meal.  I am hoping to post local information as well, to make you feel like you're really part of this wonderful town.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Week 5: Target markets and calls to action!

Target Markets

Subway Vs. Hungry Bear Deli

For this exercise, I chose the Subway/Hungry Bear websites to analyse.  Mainly because I LOVE Hungry Bear. I was shocked at the differences that I found between the two websites.

Hungry Bear Deli has a very beautiful, very simple website which focuses on the sandwiches and salads that they make at their location in Vista.  Meaty and BIG is all I can say.  Fresh, really fresh ingredients.  But that was it.  I was really disappointed in how little there was to say about such an amazing place.  They are appealing to anyone looking for a yummy sandwich for lunch.  There was no call to action on the site.  There was media links, though.

Subway has it nailed down.  Oh my gosh ~ The menu, along with the nutritional information, catering menu, a rewards program, and a HUGE section devoted to responsibility.   They are catering to every man.  People who need lunch; Fit people, families, corporate types.  Their website is VERY solid and multi dimensional.  I started to think that maybe this the difference between a chain-type restaurant, vs. a family owned retail establishment.  I looked up Pizza Hut, and saw that it was similar to Subway in it's offerings and public outreach.

Overall, both websites are well done.  they both have links to social media sites clearly on their pages.They are appealing to the same demographic, but Subway has so much more depth to their site.   

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Week 4: Sites I like

The Two Sites that I Like

There are two sites that I visit almost on a weekly basis.

Brighton is a costume jewelry / accessory website that I just love.  They have a beautiful and distinctive look to the jewelry, and have fantastic gift items.  I find that if I'm ever invited to a birthday or graduation party, this is where I go to purchase my gifts.  

The website is a clean, white background with photos of the different areas that they provide, a minimal menu at the top which expands to the many, many items that they carry.  You get a good sense of what the site has to offer just from the main page.  They have links to their social media sites, and the information at the bottom of the page, much like the Apple site and the Toyota site that I mentioned in my other post.  The photos are large and focus on the items for sale.  I just adore this site.  I can't think of a thing that they could do to improve.  The customer service is top-notch, as well.  Items are shipped almost immediately, include a note from someone at the site, and they have distinctive gift wrap as well.

Maurices is a site that I shop at at least once every two weeks.  Upon entering, there are photos of current items for sale, a very pleasing color palate, a san-serif font on the menu is in a dark grey, which is readable, but not overbearing.  You can choose to shop based on item, or menu.  They have links to their social media as well, and again, the information at the bottom of the page.  EVERY time I go on that site, there is something new.  Their customer service is fantastic as well. I have never been disappointed with Maurices.  That's why I continually go back to the site.

If I had to add anything to either site, it would be a chat feature.  I've found that to be helpful on the sites that have them, and sometimes it would be nice to ask a question of someone at the business.  Other than that, these two sites seem to have everything.  They are very effective and pleasing.

Week 4: Aesthetics and Design

Welcome to Week 4...

... and the beginning of what should NEVER happen on a website!  I've chosen two examples from the list.  First up:

Oh my.  What ISN'T wrong with this website?  Three potential problems from this website are that it's designed in a table, it's a mish-mosh of what this woman does with no direction at all, and there is really no color scheme at all.


I would begin by NOT repeating pictures on the homepage.  I'd try to figure out one motto or vision statement to post, and I would not design the entire site in a table.  Separate the buttons (using the same colors;  the chakra element was kind of cool), and maybe remove all of the side information.  It would make the site less chaotic.

Second site:

Again - Yikes.  And I like automotive websites - restoration sites of older cars.  This site reuses the same photos for buttons, and they don't even line up!  The words in red over them are almost unnoticable.  

There's SO much going on on the webpage between the scrolling text and the vibrating boundries of the colors selected.  Ugh!

I would focus on maybe 5 things to have as buttons, and remove the pictures as buttons.  I would change up the font to something more pleasing to the eye, and my god!  Get rid of the vibrating colors!  I got a headache looking at this site for more than 5 minutes.  They did have a facebook link, but it was right in the middle of the page.  So many yikes!

Now lets talk about who's got it right!

Clean design with BIG pictures on a black background.  Menu at the top, and information at the bottom.  Nothing gets in the way of your exploring their amazing products.  San serif fonts are easy to read and minimalist.  I LOVE this site.  I just want to stay here - or perhaps buy something.  Quick!  Time to get off of this site. : )

Next is...

Many of the same elements as the apple site, menu at the top, info at the bottom, a movie playing on entry to the site.  Minimal buttons at the top - but there are menus throughout the site.  Site is broken down nicely separating information.  They did repeat buttons, though.  And there was a LOT going on in the 'What's happening' section of the website.  Overall, very nice design.

roverp6cars.comLinks to an external site.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Week 3: Checking out the business websites!

I went with sites that I either use often, or want to know more about.

1.  Maurices (

Social media on site:  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube
Last Post: 2/5/2019 11:00AM (Facebook)

They seem to have it together when it comes to using social media.  There are a lot of pictures, and almost daily, they write a post about a specific article of clothing.

2. LilyGirl Jewelry (

Social Media on site: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and their Blog.
Last Post: 2/6/2019 9:00 AM (Instagram)

This is a fun, creative jewelry site that I have been obsessed with for many years.  They've got social media down!  Many creative posts.

3. The Hollis Company (

Social Media on site: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
Last Post: 2/6/2019 12:20 PM (Facebook)

I LOVE this woman.  My friend loaned me her book, and I read it in an evening.  She's so empowering.  I listen to her podcasts (yes, two of them) now.  I just can't get enough.  

She seems to have social media worked out.  So many YouTube videos.

4. The Gap (

Social Media on site: None (What?)
Last Post: None

What a surprise!  I was sure that they'd have something...  I still love their T-Shirts.

5. Raising Cane's (

Social Media on site:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Last Post:  8 months ago (YouTube), 2/4/2019 (Facebook)

I'm a little surprised that the posts aren't most recent, but perhaps that's because they're in the kitchen making that freaking delicious chicken!!  I was so excited when they opened in Vista.


Pretty much most websites now are going to have some sort of social media presence.  It was interesting to me that the Gap didn't.  That's not saying that they don't have social media, they just didn't have it advertised on their website.

Depending on the type of business, this will determine which is the best type of social media to be involved in.  The Hollis company, while they post on Facebook and Instagram, really have it right with posting their videos on YouTube.  I can't really see YouTube working for a Maurices or a LilyGirl.  However, Facebook and especially Instagram work very well for these types of businesses.

I am more aware of they types of social media that are out there, now, and will follow up once I'm done with the websites. Now I just have to figure out how to UNfollow a couple of the sites...(I figured it out!)

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